We have designed internally our own production plant based on the experience acquired all over the years. This is why we have optimized our production, lowering times and maximizing the quality of our products.



Our R&D Department makes all the electronic designs, finding its own solutions to the market’s demands. The results are highly technical products with 100% of their features optimized.



All of our designs are proprietary designs. We create synergies with the rest of Departments in the Company and this is the reason why we can always find technically efficient solutions keeping a state of the art look in our fittings.



Our Tooling Department works jointly with the Design Department, finding the best needs to the aesthetic demands.


Sala para IP de líquidos IP room for liquids
Tunel de humo y calor
Smoke and heat tunnel
Tunel de humo y calor
Smoke and heat tunnel
Esfera de Ulbricht
Ulbricht Sphere
Testeador de bateriasBattery tester
Martillo de impacto
Impact hammer
Hilo incandescenteGlow wire test machine
Estanqueidad del polvos
Dust rating chamber

Photogoniometre: Optical device that reads the spectrum of light in order to obtain the photometrical curve. Having our own photogoniometre makes it possible for us to optimize the efficiency of our luminaires.

IP room for liquids: Room adapted to make the IP rating of liquids of any significant figure, from IPX1 to IPX7.

Dust tightness rating chamber: With this chamber we can make an IP5X test to check if the fittings with this degree of tightness are protected against dust penetration.

Impact hammer: With this hammer it is possible to make an IK impact test on grades 1 to 10.

Temperature chamber: In this chamber, it is possible to make test at different temperatures and humidity degrees. The ranges shift from -20°C a 150°C of temperature and from 10% to 98% of humidity.

Glow wire machine: With this machine it is possible to check if a plastic is self-extinguishable, applying a 850°C temperature to the sample.

Battery testers: These machines can make cycles of charge and discharge to the batteries, ageing them at a high temperature. The results are registered and assessed in a computer after this.

Smoke and heat tunnel: With this machine it is possible to simulate and assess the operation of a smoke detector in an atmosphere with smoke.

Ulbricht Sphere: This sphere integrates the measurement of one luxometre in order to measure the luminous flux of a luminaire.

3D Printer: With this machine it is possible to make prototypes of any component in a luminaire based on a 3D Design.

DALI BUS Tester: It checks that a fitting has been manufactured according to the DALI protocol.

Electromagnetic spectrum Tester: With this machine it is possible to check the levels of electromagnetic interferences through a fitting.