Who we are

Normagrup is born as a group of companies as a project of future with our head in the present and the back up of four decades of work with only one goal: win the trust of our customers in our products. From January 2017 NORMAGRUP MEXICO is created.



At NormaGrup we produce technology. And we use it. It is an specific way to reach specific targets. A starting point for the creation of products compliant with the most demanding European quality standards and for the development of new lines of growth based on learning and constant investigation.



Normalux has been the core business of this new corporate group. Normalux is a renowned international brand and the Spanish trademark with the highest business volume in the emergency lighting field.



Our added value is the support and confidence of our customers thanks to the close relationship that we have with all of them. This achievement is the base of the quality and the excellence of our products and is also supported by the responsibility and the efficiency that we request to our suppliers.


Our mission is being able to offer a full range of electric products based on tough systems, easy to install and to maintain, technologically innovative, energetically efficient and compliant with all the legal requirements requested by the Spanish and European Regulations (CE).



Our activity represents a constant compromise with our customers, and our main target is to continue offering the reliability that we have shown for more than forty years with the development of high quality and innovative products, competitive the international markets.



Our Corporate Group is based on solid values supported by our experience, reputation and leadership.

These values show a strong Company philosophy, an identity as a team and a strategy that makes ourselves unique.

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We are driven by the quest of an excellence that makes us worth deserving the confidence of our customers. But also of the continuous learning, the curiosity towards new ways that open in the process: foresee new requests, create new solutions and synergies, share experiences and better practices…



Emergency lighting


NormaLux is a leading company in the production, commercialization and distribution of emergency lights in Spain. This is endorsed by over 40 years of experience, quality and customer’s confidence.



Technical and architectural lighting


Division specialized in technical and architectural lighting systems that integrate all the constructive process, incorporating state of the art technology into high technical quality products.



Fire and gas detection


NorClinic is a division specialized in technical and architectural lighting systems that integrate all the constructive process, incorporating the latest Technology into high technical quality products.



Technical systems for Hospitals





Emergency Lighting


Emergency Light in Northem Europe



Human team

We have grown outside in. Improving, controlling and diversifying our productive processes. Betting on the research and always seeking technological improvement. We have formed a highly qualified human team which is integrated co-responsibly in the life of the Company.

On the cutting edge

R&D Department

Our wide experience and our continuous eagerness to learn on the cutting edge has made us become one of the most innovative European manufacturers, a vocation that has been born in our own R&D and that has been spread all over the Organization.

    100% of the staff has different Higher Education degrees.
    Normagrup is involved with technological projects as well as with local Universities, taking part as active partners.
    Our production demands a constant training of our staff.
  •  YOUNG
    The average age of the department is 35.5 years
    Our R&D Department has an R&D and Development Activity Conformity Approval issued by AENOR.
    We have received a Ministry’s Scholarship.


Technical Resources

In NormaGrup, the excellence is not a finish line. It is a horizon that should be always kept in mind. We aspire to have a balance between different virtues –efficiency, quality, security, confidence- which will be necessarily assessed on every step: from the design to customer service.



The internal organization of NormaGrup is structured around four different departments that are the basics of the development of our Company and that work interrelated, heading the best results.

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We have a very important technical structure chrystalizing in a very comprehensive testing facilities with all the Technology and the necessary resources to offer a wide testing catalogue that secure the highest quality of our products.

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Our Corporate Social strategy has been developed both internally and externally. We keep an active compromise sponsoring social and environmental actions as well as the responsible and ethic behaviours in all of our activities.


Liga Empresas
Sponsoring "NormaLit Team of Company League"
S.D. Colloto
Sponsoring S.D. Colloto
University sport sponsorship
(University of Oviedo)


Quality and Sustainability

Our path has been guided by our commitment with quality and security. We have made a bet on design and technology, ant this is how we have achieved our environmental compromise.

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